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Electrical wiring Cost for New Building ( Work + Material )

WorkUnitAvg. PriceMax Price
Electrical Items Supply + Labour CostPer Sq Ft.₹ 110 / Sq ft₹ 140 / Sq ft
Labour ( All Wiring related)Per Sq Ft.₹ 20 ₹ 30
Only Electrical ItemsPer Sq Ft.₹ 70₹ 100

Electrical Wiring Cost for New Building Construction

Electrical ItemsUnitMinimum Rate Average CostMax. Price
Conduit PipesQty₹ 36₹ 39.6₹ 50.4
Metal Boxes 6 SwitchesQty₹ 60₹ 66₹ 84
cables and Wires ( 1 To 6 SQ MM - 90 Meters) FROMQty₹ 1050₹ 1155₹ 1470
cables and Wires ( 1 To 6 SQ MM - 90 Meters) HIGHQty₹ 5375₹ 5912.5₹ 7525
Switches Lower RangeQty₹ 26₹ 28.6₹ 36.4
Switches High RangeQty₹ 155₹ 170.5₹ 217
SocketsQty₹ 6₹ 6.6₹ 8.4
DimmersQty₹ 260₹ 286₹ 364
MCBQty₹ 235₹ 258.5₹ 329

New Building Wiring and Switches Pricing

Wiring and switches are essential components of the electrical system in a new building. The cost associated with new building wiring and switches can vary based on several factors, including the size of the building, the complexity of the electrical system, the quality of materials, and local labor rates. Here is an overview of the key aspects and cost considerations:

Building Electrical Fittings, Wires, Switches rates in India

  1. Wiring Types and Pricing
  2. Wire Gauge and Material cost

    The gauge and material of the electrical wires can affect the cost. Thicker wires are typically used for higher loads, and copper wires are more expensive than aluminum wires.

  3. Number of Circuits:

    The number of circuits you need for lighting, appliances, and outlets will impact the overall cost. More circuits may require additional wiring and circuit breakers.

  4. Switches and Outlets cost

    The type and quality of switches and outlets you choose can vary in price. Basic switches and outlets are more affordable, while smart switches or designer outlets may come at a higher cost.

  5. Circuit Breakers and Distribution Panels cost:

    The size and quality of the distribution panel and circuit breakers can influence costs. Larger panels with more circuits or higher amperage may cost more.

  6. Labor Costs:

    Labor costs for wiring and switch installation depend on local labor rates, the complexity of the electrical work, and the number of electricians required.

  7. Regulations and Permits cost

    Building codes and permits may require specific standards for wiring and electrical work. Compliance with these regulations may add to the cost.

  8. Location and Accessibility:

    The location of the building, as well as the accessibility of the wiring areas, can affect labor costs. Difficult-to-reach areas may require more time and effort.

  9. Upgrades and Special Features and associated costs

    Any additional features, such as home automation systems, security systems, or energy-efficient lighting, will add to the cost.

  10. Estimation and Quotations:

    It's crucial to obtain detailed quotations from electrical contractors. The cost of wiring and switches should be part of the overall construction or renovation budget.

Electrician Cost / Electrical work cost for New construction buildings

To get an accurate cost estimate for wiring and switches in a new building, it's advisable to consult with a licensed electrician or electrical contractor. They can assess the specific requirements of your project and provide a detailed cost breakdown based on your needs and the local regulations. The cost can vary significantly from one project to another, so obtaining multiple quotes is often a good practice to ensure you're getting a fair price for the work.

Electrical Wiring Cost | Building Construction

Electrical Wiring Cost for new Building Construction is mentioned above. Please note that, Electrical items required for building Construction materials are classified based on the item type and location.Here we have provided tentative labor cost / Building Electrical materials price list.

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