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Borewell Cost in Andaman and Nicobar | Borewell Estimate Calculation

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     Dia 4.5 Inch (Small)
     Dia 6.5 Inch (Ideal For Home )
     Dia 7.5 Inch ( Commercial / Heavy Usage)
     Dia 12 Inch (Agri / Insustrial )

        New Borewell      Additional Drilling

     Empty Land
     Narrow Space
     Inside Compound

Borewell Cost estimate for cities in Andaman and Nicobar

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Find Bore well Cost for your land based on the State, city and locality. The Bore well cost Estimate cost is tend to change between area to area, For example Bore well cost in village is not equal to the Bore well cost in City. It also varies based on the Accessibility of bore well point, type of Soil ( Rock / Loose Soil), labour rate in the locality, PVC Pipe and lid rate and Bore well equipment availability near by.